The Witcher 3 Reaches New Concurrent Player Peak

The Witcher 3 actually managed to top its concurrent player peak that was set during the game’s launch date way back in 2015.

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Remember when I talked about the Netflix Witcher series and how it made The Witcher 3 players go boot up that game once again? Seems like the show lit the fire of passion inside the souls of The Witcher 3 players a lot more than I expected as the game broke the previous record for number of concurrent players since it launched. The show itself was quite solid, a bit messy at times, but it was enough to make gamers go and play as Geralt instead of watching someone else play as Geralt. Or perhaps once the show ended they needed more of the Witcher universe. Whatever the case may be, this is still a grand RPG that offers immense replayability. It offers tons of content for players so you can come back to it multiple times and always have a fun and special time with it.

Are you surprised that The Witcher 3 got a new concurrent player peak? If you’ve watched the show and played the game, you shouldn’t be. While we all wait for another stellar Witcher game by CD PROJEKT RED, a second season of the Netflix Witcher TV show will keep us occupied. If we can wait a year for it that is.

A village in The Witcher 3
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