The Witcher Season 2 Delayed For The Second Time

Seems like The Witcher season 2 just can’t catch a break as it’s getting delayed for the second time because of Covid.

Witcher season 2 delayed
Image credit: Netflix

The need for more Witcher

I played The Witcher 3 too much. Yet, I can’t get enough of Geralt and his spicy adventures. Does The Witcher on Netflix capture the magic of the game? Yes and no, but it’s got enough resemblance to the characters and world I love in the games to keep me interested. I presume many gamers  share the same mindset and are paying close attention to this show, or have at least seen some of it. Some liked it, others didn’t, but season 2 could be something magnificent. Especially considering how season 1 was just setting up for a bunch of things.

Another tragic delay because of Covid

However, don’t get too excited there lads. Covid is still rampaging and the global pandemic is still at large. So, to no one’s surprise, a bunch of actors that are working on season 2 are positive. Deadline’s report outlines four positive cases, but none are from the lead cast. That doesn’t matter much as now everyone needs to get tested, wait for these four to recover, etc. The worrying thing is that this is the second time The Witcher season 2 got delayed. The first one was way back in March, but got prolonged once everyone went into lockdown mode.

Is The Witcher season 2 doomed because of delays?

Will all these delays hurt season 2? Can season 2 reach the greatness that season 1 worked so hard to set up, or will the deadlines put too much chaos into the entire season? Hopefully everything turns out fine, but I welcome any speculation and comments on this matter!

Witcher season 2 delayed
Image credit: Netflix

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