The Wolf Among Us 2: Same Devs, New Engine

The Wolf Among Us 2 is being made by the people that worked on the first game, but they’re using a new engine this time.

Bigsby punching the Woodsman
The Wolf Among Us
Image credit: Telltale Games

AdHoc and its members

As we all know, Telltale Games have gone through a rough patch over the last couple of years. A lot of employees lost their jobs, the company had a lot of financial troubles. See, The Wolf Among Us 2 was in the works when the studio seemingly shut down. But, the studio that’s working on the sequel is made out of former Telltale employees. AdHoc Studio is the name, and it consists out of these members:

  • Pierre Shorette
  • Nick Herman
  • Dennis Lenart

These people worked on season one, and they will use their talents to create a compelling sequel. Adam Harrington and Erin Yette, the voice actors for Bigby Wolf and Snow White are also reprising their roles. The company may recruit more former Telltale talent to work on the sequel, but that hasn’t been officially confirmed yet.

Same devs, new engine

Another interesting fact I found in this USGamer interview is the fact that The Wolf Among Us 2 is using a new engine. The Telltale Tool engine that was used for the first game was alright. The cell-shaded graphics look good as stationary pictures, but everything was clunky during animations. It’s an engine that was difficult to work with it seems. AdHoc won’t be using this engine, instead, they’re using the Unreal Engine. I’m looking forward to seeing our Big Bad Wolf with some more impressive graphics.

I’m sure everyone was excited when the sequel got announced. For now, we will just have to wait to see what kind of fairytale investigations and mysteries await in The Wolf Among Us 2.

Bigsby, Snow White, and Crane having an argument
The Wolf Among Us
Image credit: Telltale Games

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