There’s A New The Evil Within 2 Difficulty

In today’s news, we find out that there’s a new The Evil Within 2 difficulty available and you can now enable cheats in-game as well.

The Evil Within 2

It’s been a year since the dreamland wonderland horror title The Evil Within 2 came out. That begs the question, why is another difficulty being added now? And why did they now allow you to enable cheats to use in-game? Well, as we found out thanks to the people over at PC Gamer, this is some sort of promotion so that people make accounts. That’s right, to get access to this new difficulty and the cheats you need to either create a new account or link your already existing one. Pretty simple thing really, but it’s still strange to do this kind of “promotion” a year after a game got released.

The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within was a story-driven psychological horror with quite a few interesting ideas. Brilliant story, absolutely stellar voice acting, and immense atmosphere that psychological horrors these last few years lacked severely. That’s what made the first game so great. The sequel took things in another direction, made the game focus a lot more on stealth and crafting. It was also a much more open world game than a linear one, which was a hit for some players and a miss for many others.

The Evil Within 2

Still, it’s a pretty solid title if you’re looking for a horror game with exceptional storytelling and even better voice acting. Now, the new difficulty is called AKUMU, and it’s meant for hardcore fans that want an even greater challenge. On the other hand, for those of us that struggled with the game even on the lower difficulties, there are the Infinite Stamina, One-Shot Kills, and Invincibility cheats.


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