THQ Nordic AB Approves Of The Metro Exodus Exclusive

Well, we are getting quite confused by all these different statements, but THQ Nordic AB approves of the Metro Exodus exclusive.

Metro Exodus

If you remember from yesterday, we wrote a post in which we talked about THQ Nordic and how they wouldn’t comment on the Metro Exodus exclusive deal. They are all about giving their customers a choice so that they can pick their own digital distribution platform. We guess that was the opinion of a sub-group of THQ, not the parent company.

No one is really sure what is what anymore, but the new post was made by Lars Wingefors, the co-founder and group CEO of THQ Nordic AB. THQ Nordic AB is the swedish parent company that ows the three TH sub-groups.

Metro Exodus

Lars said:

“I fully support our sub-groups’ autonomy to run their respective businesses. I believe it’s in the group’s, and ultimately the consumers’, best interest that business decisions are made close to the market and this is the group’s consistent business model.”

It appears that this CEO thinks that Deep Silver and Koch Media considered the advantages and disadvantages of this deal and made the right decision. And they support that decision fully.

Metro Exodus

What do you think about all of this? Timed-exclusives aren’t consumer friendly, in any way, so we don’t like what Epic Games are doing. Maybe it pushes Steam to improve, or mabye it just makes a bunch of gamers angry.

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