Three Kingdoms Sells 1M Copies In A Week

Seems like the new setting did wonders for the series, as Total War: Three Kingdoms just sold a million copies.

Three Kingdoms is set in China. Unlike the previous Total War games like Total War: WARHAMMER II, this title is something that tactical strategists are going to love more than players that like to wage war all the time. That’s mostly because diplomacy in this entry is actually viable. The enemy AI doesn’t have any personality disorders and is reasonable and logical.

Then you add complex tech trees, insanely complex empire management systems, and other things to get Total War: Three Kingdoms. It’s the best selling game out of this franchise, and in one week it sold a million copies. Quite an amazing achievement, and if you’re thinking about purchasing this title, the User Reviews on Steam are Very Positive.

It also has some special game modes in which certain one-man units become powerhouses, legends that are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Players that like realism better also have a mode where this isn’t the case. From what we’ve seen, it’s an engaging and addicting strategy game, one of the best ones that the Total War series has to offer. Everyone is excited to see where the expansions are going to lead us.

If you’ve played Three Kingdoms be sure to share your impressions with the game in the comments section below!

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