Tips On How To Get Better At CS:GO

Whether you are completely new to the game or you have some experience, there are always things that can be improved. It’s not unusual for players to get “stuck” at a certain rank (especially silver), and most blame their teammates and “bad luck” for it. In this article, you’ll learn a few tips on how to get better at CS:GO.


Communication is KEY. More than half of the competitive matches become a complete failure mostly due to the lack of good communication in the team. 

Don’t Be Toxic

Everyone makes mistakes, and you are no exception. When a teammate messes up, try to encourage him with the words “It’s okay, it happens”, or “No problem, it’s just a game”, instead of being rude and trying to ruin his confidence by saying things like “Delete your game” or “Uninstall Steam”.
It does not matter how big the mistake is, or how you would handle the situation, just accept it and move on.

Listen To Your Teammates

After a match starts, usually there is one person who tries to take the role of the “leader”. Those people will try to give commands and directions, such as “Alright, people, two guys go to B site, and the rest goes to A site”. They are usually experienced with the game and you should try to follow their instructions, especially if you are a newbie. However, if you are an experienced CS:GO player, and you disagree with the leader’s commands, try to politely correct them and suggest your own plan, instead of being impolite.

Another thing that you should pay attention to is giving information. After you’ve scattered around the map, you and your teammates should give each other info about what’s happening, where the enemy is pushing, where is the bomb, etc. 

Invest in A Headset

While this is not a strict requirement, it will help you enjoy the game in a more convenient way. Your teammates will expect you to provide the information mentioned above, and typing wastes a lot of precious time. Having a headset can also help you have fun while communicating with your teammates, as it’s not that rare to meet genuinely fun people who will make your match an unforgettable one. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Warm Up

Nonsense, who needs to warm up for a video game? Well, YOU do. Jumping straight into the competitive matches can catch you off guard, especially if you did not play for a few weeks or more. Instead, you should prepare yourself by doing one of the following:


Deathmatches are notoriously known for pure rampage and endless fun. You can choose any weapon available in the game, respawn instantly after getting killed, practice your aim and reaction time, test out different angles and methods for various guns. Play this mode for around 30 minutes, and you’ll be warmed up for the real thing.

Casual Matches

An alternative for deathmatches. They function in a similar way as the competitive ones, with a few differences: Instead of being 5v5, it’s a 10v10 match, and unfortunately, you’ll probably come across a large number of cheaters. Overall, casuals present a decent way to warm up your engines, and you can leave them at any moment, without consequences (such as a cooldown).


There are a lot of ways, in which you can improve yourself as a CS:GO player, but these are the basics that you SHOULD cover if you are planning on being good in competitive games.

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