Todd Howard Is The Executive Producer Of The New Indiana Jones Game

The brand new Indiana Jones that Wolfenstein dev, Machine Games, is making has Todd Howard as the executive producer of the project.

Todd Howard Indiana Jones
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Yup, the man that resells us Skyrim 40 billion times for our PCs, consoles, and toasters is involved with the recently announced Indiana Jones game. Sounds spooky doesn’t it, seeing as this man greatly influenced the development of Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. One of which is a terribly mediocre title while the other can barely be called a game. “It just works” is the motto of this madman, and now it’s known that Todd Howard himself is the executive producer of the new Indiana Jones title. However, let’s remain as calm as possible. Machine Games, the people behind the new Wolfenstein games, are working on this project. They are capable devs, particularly good with shooters.

But, Indiana Jones isn’t a gunslinger. He uses a whip and his wit to outsmart his enemies. So can these devs with Todd as the executive producer pull this off? It’s possible, yet previous experience with Todd says otherwise. On the off chance this title ends up being like the previous Tomb Raider trilogy, it could work. I mean we already have the Indiana Jones in gaming. That’s what the Uncharted games are all about. Check out the brief teaser down below:

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