Top eSports betting tips to help you maximize your profits

eSports betting is as old as the first-ever eSports tournament, held in 1972, involving a group of Stanford students competing against each other on Spacewar. There was no off-line audience for such competitions back in that area, and there was certainly no live broadcasting on streaming platforms like Twitch.

The bookmakers that would accept bets on such tournaments used to be some random guys picked by none other than the gaming fans themselves. There were no online bookmakers involved, as is commonly seen these days. Fast forward a few decades and eSports betting had evolved majorly into a massive industry with an endless number of eSports betting websites, regulatory authorities to oversee such betting and a great multitude of eSports bettors.

When it comes to eSports betting, it takes more than a hunch to win a bet. You require plenty of common sense, courage and skill, apart from a bit of luck. Let’s introduce you to some of the top eSports betting tips that will enable you to maximize your betting profits.

Do thorough research

It is always better to bet only on the eSports games that you know well about. Pick one such game that you are well acquainted with and go through the history of the popular teams in that game. Follow at least two popular teams that are always in the news when it comes to the major competitions. Also study the history of the opponents going up against your selected team and you’ll see that it won’t take you much time to dig out data that’ll help you make well-informed betting decisions. Please remember, it’s always better to rely on numbers and figures, rather than depending upon some expert’s prejudiced opinion.

Go with a reliable eSports betting platform

After you’ve carried out enough research, don’t just go ahead and place your bet on the first betting platform you Google on the Internet. Indulge in some window shopping and shortlist a handful of reliable eSports betting platforms. For instance, here on this page you will find websites that have been in the business for a long time and are offering the best odds for eSports. Check out all the offerings of the bookmaker, its promotions, license etc. Carefully go through its terms and conditions, especially with regard to the withdrawals and related to specific countries (if you reside in one of them).


Steer clear of the long odds

Although you might find it very hard to resist the temptation of going with a team with very long odds, as it’d be about a video game after all and all teams might seem like having similar chances. Therefore, it would make sense to go with the team that holds the promise of bringing in maximum profit. However, this strategy pays off only if you have ample experience, both in betting on that game as well as playing it. Else, all you might end up doing is handing over your hard earned money to someone else for free.


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