Try Hunt: Showdown For Free This Weekend

You won’t always find a game in Early Access that’s as good as Hunt: Showdown is. Even if you have no idea what this title is about, it’s free to try this weekend.

Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown is a game that might look like a battle royal shooter, but it isn’t. It is actually a very impressive atmospheric horror shooter with roguelike elements. This is definitely one of the better competitive games out there, especially if you like a mix of both PvE and PvP elements in your titles. It has been quite some time since we’ve played a shooter with such a chilling atmosphere, immensely satisfying gunplay and nerve-wrenching matches.

Hunt: Showdown

The eerie western environment is a sight to behold, and the graphics of Hunt: Showdown are quite stellar as well. Mix in the fact that this game has a sound design that will utterly destroy your sanity as you creep through the dark and step on branches unexpectedly. The overall design and feel of everything in this title are absolutely amazing, especially when you consider that this is an Early Access title. Right now there is one open-world map, 2 bosses, and a few types of enemies. Still, each match that you play in this game is thrilling and exciting.

We highly recommend that you try this game out, and you have until 10 AM PT or 1 PM ET on August 13th to play Hunt: Showdown as much as you want. It’s free, so it doesn’t cost you anything to give this horror shooter a try.

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