Twitch Drops Coming To ESO

What more can you ask for, ESO players are going to get free stuff just by watching their favorite MMORPG on Twitch. Yes, that’s exactly what Twitch Drops are, free in-game items that you get by watching an ESO stream on the Twitch streaming platform. This is great news, especially for streamers, as this is a great way to attract a lot of people, and since you have to wait for the end of the stream to get a reward, as it’s not being given during it, so a lot of people will watch your stream until it ends.


This is not all, as Crown Packs, ESO Plus, and ESO: Summerset are coming to the Games section on the Twitch digital store, and as you can imagine, any digital purchase through that section will give you some kind of reward and also support your favorite streamer. Just remember that before you start looking for Twitch Drops or making ESO purchases from the Games section, don’t forget to link your Twitch and ESO accounts.

You can find the instructions on how to do this on the game’s official post. May 21st is the date when all of these things arrive on the Games section of the Twitch store, and that is when any ESO purchase grants you a free Twitch Crate. This crate gives you one ESO-themed Twitch emote, an Ouroborus Twitch Chat Badge, and a Welkynd Ouroboros Crown Crate (which has a low chance to give you an elite Senche of Scarlet Regret mount or Senche Cub of Scarlet Regret pet which you can see in the image above).




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