Two Aussie Operatives Announced For Rainbow Six Siege

A rather silly new Rainbow Six Siege video teases the two new Aussie Operatives that are coming to the game.

Rainbow Six Siege

Yesterday we talked about the new map that’s coming to the game when Operation Burnt Horizon arrives. We liked what we saw, as the devs went all out with the decorations and the level design. It seems that even the two new Aussie Operatives are going to have an actual personality or some traces of it. That’s the vibe we got from the latest teaser that features a really nervous guy and a dangerous-looking, but a calm and collected lady. They seem like quite the perfect pair considering how they’re polar opposites of each other.

The guy definitely reminds us of your normal Rainbow Six Siege player that is too eager to hear any kind of noise anywhere. The lady Operative is calm, collected, and is the representation of the more veteran player that take things slow. We don’t know if this teaser was supposed to send that kind of message to the players, but they are loving it. Why wouldn’t they, this is the first time that the Operatives aren’t some cliche badass tough guys/gals that are mostly quiet and menacing.

Rainbow Six Siege

Everyone just wants them to be actually viable Operatives. Wouldn’t it suck to get these two lovely and humane characters that end up having horrible kits? That would be a pretty cruel joke, but everyone hopes that it won’t be like that.

More information about Operation Burnt Horizon, the expansion that’s bringin all this new content, will be revealed during the Six Invitational that’s taking place in Montreal on February 17, so be sure to tune in to that!

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