Ubisoft Giving Away Free Games And In-game Goodies

Ubisoft is pulling an Epic Games generosity move as they’ve decided to give away free games and in-game goodies.

Ubisoft free games
Image credit: Ubisoft

Epic Games have been giving out free games for a while now. I think I have around 70 or more games in their library. None of them were bought, all of them claimed for free. Ubisoft obviously liked that approach and are now giving away free games themselves. Not just game, you can also expect to get in-game goodies, as is the case with today’s freebie. It isn’t a game, no, it’s an Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Rewards pack that you can claim right here. It isn’t much, but it’s something, and it is free of charge.

I do wonder, which games will they give out in the next 4 days. Don’t expect Immortals Fenyx Rising or Watch Dogs: Legion or anything like that. We will most likely get some older titles, but older Ubisoft titles are usually the good ones. All in all, we get free games, so we can’t complain that much. Regarding the Valhalla Rewards pack, pick it up. Even if you don’t own the game these items will be there if you ever decide to buy the game.

Speaking of in-game goodies for Valhalla, maybe it’s time for you to pick the latest Assassin’s Creed title up. You can get a Valhalla game key for both the PC and the Xbox on HRK Game for a great price!

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