Underworld Ascendant Is Getting Improved And Fixed

Underworld Ascendant is a disappointment that hurt a lot, but the devs are trying to improve and fix it as much as possible.

Underworld Ascendant

Is Underworld Ascendant the roguelite RPG extravaganza that people expected it to be? Well, not quite, and a lot of fans were severely disappointed by the game and how it turned out. Extremely buggy, unfinished, poorly optimized, and the list of issues goes on. But, the devs decided to fix every single part of this title that wasn’t working as intended, and the second major update has been released.

Underworld Ascendant got all kinds of new stories, the world structure has been remodeled, a lot of bugs got squashed, and so on. The biggest change happened to the game world which is now connected, where before it was comprised out of seven levels that were connected by portals.

Underworld Ascendant

Also, players don’t have to worry about grabbing quests and returning to the quest giver, as the quest giver now goes with up and down The Grand Staircase, the thing that’s connecting the game’s world. She can’t go into the levels with you, but she’s always close by so you can turn in your quests.

The main quests themselves now put a much larger emphasis on the more important narrative events that contain both new stories and old ones which have been redone. There are no restrictions now, so players can explore all the levels in the game whenever they want to. The AI of the enemy partols has been redone, new high-level weapons got added, combat animations got improved, and so on. Read their patch notes here for an in-depth look at all the things that got changed.

Underworld Ascendant

Will Underworld Ascendant ever be the RPG that we were promiosed? If the devs keep up this kind of work, maybe we will, but not anytime soon.

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