Unlike Recent Bethesda Games, Starfield Is a Bit More Hardcore

Todd Howard shared in an interview an interesting fact that says Starfield is a bit more hardcore in terms of its RPG mechanics.

Starfield hardcore
Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Remember Fallout 4? Wasn’t much of an RPG. More like an action-driven shooter with crafting and minor RPG characteristics. Quite a step away from what Fallout 3 was. An insane step away from Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 3’s charismatic and funny cousin.

Since Bethesda started replacing the complex and deep RPG systems with crafting and tons of actions, I wasn’t so sure about Starfield. Skyrim in space is what Todd called it. On one hand, it’s a comparison that’s making a lot of people happy. On the other hand, can we get an actual RPG at this point Bethesda?

Well this is where Todd throws us a curveball. Starfield is a bit more hardcore than previous Bethesda RPGs. That’s what he said in this interview that’s locked behind a paywall, so your next best bet is the PC Gamer article.

You can select the character’s backstories. The game features other great character systems that haven’t been revealed. It all sounds fishy, so I’m very skeptical about Starfield and its “hardcore” RPG mechanics.

What do you think, will Starfield actually be an actual RPG? Or is Bethesda just playing us for absolute fools and we’re getting Fallout 4-levels of role-playing elements?

Starfield hardcore
Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

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