V Rising Sells Over 2 Million Copies On Steam

V Rising keeps impressing as the developers announce that the game sold over 2 million copies on Steam.

V Rising Steam
Image credit: Stunlock Studios

V Rising is another megahit that took over Steam and the free time of many gamers across the world. The game managed to pull over 500k players just a couple of days after its release. But, that’s not all. V Rising sold over 2 million copies on Steam, as announced by the developers. It’s a PvPvE game that focuses on building, survival and demolishing other players.

The perfect mix that people are obviously loving. But that’s not all, there’s also a patch that improved a lot of things. People can now dismantle both floors and borders that are near walls or pillars in a castle. Now there’s no need to dismantle the wall first. V Rising also added localization for Polish, Russian, Turkish, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese,  and Korean.

You can go and read the full patch notes on Steam to see what else they changed and fixed. There are a lot of changes to cover here so read up on that if you want to know more.

V Rising Steam
Image credit: Stunlock Studios

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