Valhalla Players On PC Found A Way To Get Helix Store Items For Free

Valhalla players have a table for Cheat Engine that lets everyone get their hands on Helix Store items for free.

Valhalla Helix free
Image credit: Ubisoft

Players find a way to exploit your game. They even find ways to gain items that are unobtainable or those that the devs sell for real money. That’s the case with the Helix Store items which players found a way to obtain without paying for them. How? Well, that’s a secret. Just kidding, Valhalla players on PC found a table for Cheat Engine that helps them get Valkyrie, Draugr, and other Helix Store items, free of charge. You can do that yourself, just head over to Nexus Mods and check out the list. However, you have to use Cheat Engine, and that is something that can be risky at times, so proceed at your own risk.

That’s not the only thing, some players even uncovered unreleased items. Check out this Eurogamer article to see a big flame wolf and an Ezio Brotherhood Outfit. The question now is, will Ubisoft take action against this? Will they ban players that use the Cheat Engine? Most likely, but they’ve yet to comment on this. But, I wonder how fierce their response will be considering Valhalla is their best selling release.

Using Cheat Engine on a single-player game shouldn’t be an issue. Yet, then again, they’re getting items that are sold for real money. What do you think, how will this end?

Valhalla Helix free
Image credit: Ubisoft

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  1. Grilda says

    it should be a wake up call for Ubi not to sell items for real money, base game and season pass is enough for single player game

    1. Dante says

      it’s Ubisoft, they ain’t never waking up

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