Valhalla Players Utterly Confused By Horrible Transmog System

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla finally got its transmog system but it’s terribly clunky and requires a fee for its usage.

Valhalla transmog
Image credit: Ubisoft

One step forward, two steps back

Update 1.2.0 brings a lot of changes and some new content. The highlight is definitely the transmog system, a heavily requested feature. The premise is simple, wear the armor or weapon with the best stats, but pick the best-looking armor or weapon to be shown. A feature that’s incredibly simple to implement and players love it.

So, how did Ubisoft Montreal screw this up? All they had to do was add a special option where players can select armor/armor they want to be shown instead of the one equipped. Simple, isn’t it? Well, as everyone in this Reddit thread pointed out, their implementation was anything but simple.

A horrible downgrade compared to Odyssey’s transmog system

Remember how simple the transmog system was in Odyssey? You did it via your inventory. Simple as that. If you ever picked up a piece of gear, it will remain forever in your transmog options. Nothing complicated. Valhalla went for a different transmog approach. Gear and weapon appearance can be changed at Gunnar’s blacksmith. It costs 50 silver.

Quite the change. Why make transmog available on the fly and free? It’s a quality of life improvement, so naturally, it should cost players. Ubisoft devs really are the most brilliant minds out there. In the tornado of player hatred, the community manager responded:

Will Ubisoft Montreal fix this? What do you think? Share your thoughts and opinions down below!

Valhalla transmog
Image credit: Ubisoft

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