Valheim Aims For World Domination With 5 Million Copies Sold

The Viking survival-crafting wonder hit, Valheim, keeps on hypnotizing the gaming community as it sells 5 million copies.

Valheim 5 million
Image credit: Iron Gate Studios

Valheim doesn’t stop selling

Did you notice how I talk about Valheim only when it breaks another million copies sold? First it was one, then two and three but I didn’t even notice that. Then it sold four million copies. Now the devs report five million copies sold. What’s left to say about this title that I haven’t said already.

It’s obviously excellent, polished, and made with utmost love and care. While the growth of most trendy games fades out, there’s no end to Valheim’s skyrocketing popularity. I’m not even sure it will ever stop. One month after its release it sells 5 million copies, has 35 million hours on Twitch, reaches the 39th spot on the Best User-Reviewed games on Steam, and is in the top 5 games on Steam when it comes to concurrent players.

Valheim is on the road to global domination

From what I see, even the sky isn’t the limit for this Viking survival-crafting indie game. Yeah don’t forget, this is an indie game made by a team of five people. Not a gigantic triple-A dev. Right now, we should all just cheer these people on.

They’re one of the rare gems found in the video game industry. A small studio that’s making games because they love it. And it shows in the final product.

Valheim 5 million
Image credit: Iron Gate Studios

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