Valheim: Heart and Home Update Gets a Release Date

The Valheim: Heart and Home update finally gets its release date in a stunningly animated Gamescom cinematic trailer.

Valheim Heart and Home release date
Image credit: Iron Gate AB

Firstly, give us a Valheim animated series. I don’t know who worked on this Gamescom animated trailer, but they’re brilliant and we need more of this. Secondly, another thing that makes the trailer even more awesome is how accurate it is. Two players are just sitting and doing nothing while one of them sets out on a long journey to defeat a giant dragon for the purpose of taking its head and turning it into a decoration for their home.

Experience this animated beauty for yourself down below:

We already touched upon Valheim’s Heart and Home update and what it’s bringing. It’s not new zones, enemies, weapons, and armor, but it’s still something players eagerly wait for. After all, making buildings in Valheim is incredibly satisfying and enjoyable.

Iron Gate AB doesn’t need to rush anything. Their game already sold a ton of copies as an Early Access title that was full of content and polish. Now they can take their time releasing new content for us to enjoy. Thankfully, Valheim gets its new content in the Heart and Home update soon as we also got a release date.

Expect to thoroughly improve your home with all kinds of decorations, new furniture, building pieces, food, and a lot more on September 16th, 2021.

Valheim Heart and Home release date
Image credit: Iron Gate AB

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