Valheim Reaches 4 Million Copies Sold

Valheim somehow managed to sell another million copies in just under a week, raising the number of total sales over 4 million.

Valheim 4 million
Image credit: Iron Gate Studios

Valheim manages to hit the sweet spot that makes it so addicting

I don’t even know man. Honestly, my eyes tear up a little when I see an indie hit raising so many waves in the gaming industry. It’s reminding me of the starting days of Minecraft and Terraria. Is it a coincidence that all three of these games have insane progression, crafting, and building elements? I’m not sure, but there’s one thing that’s for sure – all these games offer an addictive experience.

Everyone I know that plays it says they can’t stop. Playing it day and night, with some food and toilet breaks between the gameplay sessions. That does make me scared to play it, but it also speaks of Valheim’s inherently fun gameplay loop.

Three years of development, three weeks in Early Access, four million copies sold

First it was one million copies sold, then two, three, and now four.  Let’s not forget how this survival title also hit 500,000 concurrent players within its first month on Steam. It’s not unheard of, some games do come with a bang. Fall Guys, Among Us, Phasmophobia all stirred up the gaming community. But all slowly faded away. They retain a solid playerbase, but nothing as grand as it was at first.

From what I’m seeing, Valheim isn’t slowing down still. However is there enough content in the game for 6 more months of playing? Well, if the devs expand their team and release content updates regularly, it’s possible. After all, three weeks into Early Access and Valheim sells 4 million copies, has over 81,000 Overwhelmingly Positive reviews, and half a million concurrent players.

Valheim 4 million
Image credit: Iron Gate Studios

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