Valheim Reaches Half A Million Peak Players

Valheim just keeps climbing higher and higher as it sells another million copies in a week while reaching half a million peak players.

Valheim peak players
Image credit: Iron Gate AB

Ever-increasing popularity

Ok ok I get it, everyone’s talking about Valheim. But, can you blame them? I mean the game sold 1 million copies in a week. Now that figure is 3 million copies. I wondered if Valheim was becoming the most popular game on Steam, and that was a valid question.

Right now, there are three big hitters on Steam when it comes to concurrent players. Two of them, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, are both free-to-play titles. Valheim is the third one, and today it had an all-time player peak of 502,387 players. You can see the stats yourself on SteamDB.

Valheim’s global domination is underway

The numbers aren’t the only thing showing this game’s potential. Valheim’s Steam page has a 96% Positive User Reviews. That’s nothing to laugh at since this is a game made by five people. Also keep in mind that Iron Gate AB studios aim to add a:

  • brand new biome
  • ship customization
  • more home customization
  • a freaking cult

And a lot of other stuff if they find the time for it. Oh, this is just their Early Access roadmap. If they expand their team, who knows what this game is going to evolve into overtime. It’s safe to say that Valheim is the magnum opus of the survival genre.

Valheim peak players
Image credit: Iron Gate AB

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