Valheim Sells 1 Million Copies In Just One Week

Valheim came out of nowhere with its Viking survival-crafting-exploring blend and sold 1 million copies on Steam in just one week.

Valheim 1 million copies
Image credit: Iron Gate AB

“If Terraria, Skyrim, and Dark Souls had a baby”. That’s how people describe Valheim. When was the last time an Early Access title received this much attention? But by being good, not utterly broken, unplayable, or anything like that.

Intuitive progression, insanely slick building, and lots of exploration options. That’s 1% of praise I found in the User Reviews section on Steam. People take time off work to play this with their friends. The game is just that addicting? But, is this over-exaggeration? Is Valheim’s hype false? Well, the numbers don’t lie, do they?

The devs announced it in their latest news update. Valheim sold 1 million copies in just one week. Yet, that’s not all. Iron Gate AB says the game has 160,000 peak concurrent users on Steam and over 127,000 peak viewers on Twitch. Valheim did all of this in just 7 days. SteamDB shows an all-time peak of 193,696 players.

However, this is still an Early Access title. The best things are yet to come. With the devs getting so much love and recognition, it can only fuel their ambition more. In a sea of survival/crafting games, Valheim shows ingenious levels of polish.

Above all, this is a game you can play with friends for hours on end. The world is massive, crafting options are numerous, there are tons of dungeons and monsters to fight, weapons to craft, and things to build. Don’t miss out on Valheim. It’s a rare game we don’t see often these days.

Valheim 1 million copies
Image credit: Iron Gate AB

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