Valheim Stops AI From Focusing Buildings Only

The Valheim devs went a little overboard with their aggressive AI changes so they toned them down to save player buildings.

Valheim AI buildings
Image credit: Iron Gate AB

I did wonder just how much the last Valheim patch tweaked the AI. It made the monsters of the world focus on the player’s buildings if they couldn’t reach the player himself. But, Iron Gate AB didn’t expect the monsters to go absolutely berserk.

Which would also be fine if that fury aimed at the players. No, the creatures of Valheim wanted to hit us where it hurts the most – they tore down all the precious buildings we’ve spent tons of hours building and decorating.

Quite a vile thing to do, fitting for monsters. Yet, the players weren’t fans of these changes. Who would be when Grey Dwarfs decided to take on a new mission in life, one that involves absolutely crushing our entire base. Thankfully Iron Gate AB noticed this issue right away. Patch 0.156.2 tones down the AI’s need to ignore you and focus on things you’ve constructed.

Let’s just hope future Valheim patches don’t mess with AI and buildings. At least not in this combination.

Valheim AI buildings
Image credit:Iron Gate AB

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