Valheim Xbox Version Will Have Cross-play With PC

The Valheim Xbox version that arrives in 2023 will have crossplay with the PC version, which was confirmed by Iron Gate AB developer.

Valheim Xbox
Image credit: Iron Gate AB

Valheim will get a huge player base boost in the near future. Because Valheim also comes to the Microsoft Store and PC Game Pass this fall as well. And Iron Gate stated that Valheim will have full crossplay, so you can play on the Xbox while your homies play on PC via Steam or some other platform. Valheim is already a huge success, and now it’s only going to be available to more people that can all play with each other.

A huge plus is a fact that players won’t need a Microsoft account to access the crossplay. Progress will be synced between the PC Game Pass and the Xbox platform. However, we don’t have confirmation if sync between the Steam and Xbox version is possible. Still, Iron Gate AB proved to be a capable team of developers that care greatly about their game and its community.

The Valheim Xbox port won’t stop the development of the main game at any point. An outside team is handling the game’s port to Xbox, so the Mistlands update won’t get delayed.

Valheim Xbox
Image credit: Iron Gate AB

I highly advise that you pick up Valheim if you haven’t already. It’s one of the most enjoyable indie games out there with a ton of content and constant support and updates. And you can get a cheap Valheim PC key on HRK Game!

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