Valorant Will Listen To The Players’ Voice Chat

Valorant will soon listen to players’ voice chat to “collect clear evidence that could verify any violations of behavioral policies.”, which is rather concerning.

Valorant voice chat
Image credit: Riot Games

Riot Games decided on a rather drastic thing. They want to evaluate the in-game voice communications of players in Valorant. Their reasoning behind this is to “collect clear evidence that could verify any violations of behavioral policies.”, which is rather baffling. The purpose behind these recordings? The development of an evaluation system. One that is yet to be implemented.

This voice evaluation experiment won’t be used for reports of any kind. They don’t want to mistakenly flag users because of faulty software. But I think the breach of privacy is a much bigger concern here. Valorant listening to your voice chat and Riot Games having access to those recordings is a very serious topic that news outlets aren’t concerned about, for some reason.

Let’s not forget that Tencent is the company behind Riot Games, a giant known for spying on its users and stealing their data. Should you be concerned? Yes, you should, as this is a horrible thing and definitely not something that’s happening because Riot wants to “improve the player’s gaming experience” in any way.

Valorant voice chat
Image credit: Riot Games

What do you think? Is this going too far? Or is it completely acceptable for devs to spy on their players?

  1. John Smith says

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  2. Misato_Katsuragi says

    Of course, it’s not okay for devs to spy on us. I’m pretty sure once they decide to implement something like that, the number of players will decrease a lot, and they’ll take everything back

  3. TonyGreys says

    You’re right, that’s definitely the most likely scenario. Of course, there will be players who won’t care about something like that, but the majority will agree that it’s not okay. If you’re trying to “improve the gaming experience”, try checking gameplays and people’s reviews instead, and actually pay attention to them. I’m sure it’ll be way more effective, and the number of disgruntled will be way smaller.

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