Valve Is Being Sued By The Quinault Native American Tribe

Looks like skin gambling is hurting casinos, which is why the Quinault Native American Tribe is suing Valve.

Valve Corporation

These people from Washington state have a bone to pick with Valve because of their game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Actually, they’re angry because third-party sites are selling the skins found in-game. How does this make sense? We’re not really sure, but The Quinault Nation claims that skin gambling hurts casinos in some way, as Valve as a company don’t pay taxes or adhere to state regulations when it comes to things like this.

But, can they actually get blamed for third-party sites that are using these skins for gambling? Maybe, as they should be shutting down any illegal ones, but that’s as far as this whole thing goes. Valve has even proven in the past that they are trying to shut down these kinds of sites.

It was a GeekWire article that made us aware of this situation. The lawsuit reads:

“Valve is well aware of the skins gambling that goes on, is well aware that skins have real world cash value, which has increased their popularity and value, and actively encourages and facilitates skins gambling,”

While these are pretty harsh allegations, that’s what they ultimately are. From what we understand there is no evidence to support these claims. Previous allegations of this kind have failed in court, and they will probably fail again. Valve is in the clear unless some evidence appears that connects them to these third-party sites, but that’s highly unlikely.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

What do you think, will the Quinault Native American tribe accomplish anything with this? Or is this another false accusation against Gabe and his company?

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  1. Anonymous Informed says

    Steam valve is responsible for tons of things which they irresponsibly inflame, invest in (PUBG has lasted thanks to VALVE hosting their MTX crates that lead to the trading market that keeps gaming going for pseudo games …).
    Nothing against valve people , PUBG , EA , UBISOFT etc.. until they pass the limit. I have nothing against them until they walk that line.

    It’s ludicrous that the tribe is owning casino (a lobby of casino? but i I know that in US this stuff is very big). Lobbies are everywhere… and Steam Games- Valve is a pretty greedy one itself in collavboration with many dirty publishing practicies.

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