Valve’s Index VR Sold Out Thanks To Half-Life: Alyx

It seems like Valve’s Index VR got sold out in the US and Canada following the Half-Life: Alyx announcement, which surprised no one.

Environment from Half-Life: Alyx
Image credit: Valve

Was Half-Life: Alyx just an incredibly huge and complex promotion for their Index VR? No, of course, it wasn’t. OR WAS IT? You may laugh, I may laugh, but you can’t ignore the facts. After the announcement of Valve’s upcoming Half-Life title, the Index packages (includes headset-only, controllers-only, and even headset + controller) both in the US and the Canadian store have been sold out. That’s right, Valve’s Index VR sold out only a month after Half-Life: Alyx got announced. Well, it makes sense since anyone with Index also gets Alyx for free, but still. John Carmack may not be happy with VR’s advancement, but you can’t deny it. Virtual reality is definitely going to get a lot more popular in the upcoming years. All of this, because of one single game getting announced. Half-Life’s name, even after all this time, carries a lot of weight.

All of us are incredibly excited to see Alyx in action. Even though a lot of talented people left Valve over the years, I’m still confident they’re able to write an immensely compelling narrative backed up by fun gameplay mechanics. On the off chance that the game ends up being a failure, well, let’s just hope that does not happen.

Scenery from Half-Life: Alyx
Image credit: Valve

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