Vermintide 2 Gets A Fair In-game Shop

Vermintide 2 is getting an in-game shop that will let players purchase various cosmetics with both in-game currency and real money.

Vermintide 2 in-game shop
Image source: Fatshark

When you hear that a game is getting an in-game shop, it’s usually met with anger and protests. However, in the case of Vermintide 2, the in-game shops seems perfectly fine. No predatory microtransactions, no pay-to-win shenanigans, nothing like that. Just a way for players to earn the cosmetics they want. Most of which can be obtained via in-game currency. That’s right, earn the currency by playing the game and buy yourself the cosmetics. Of course, there will be some cosmetics that are premium. Those require real money for you to spend. But those will be few and far between.

“From the get-go, we’ve had a lot of cosmetics in the game, but it’s hard to get them,”
“They’re rare and sometimes people haven’t been able to target the ones that they want. We thought we should have a system where people can have long-term goals to work towards certain cosmetics for the classes they play or the ones that they like.”

Any system that relies on RNG for cosmetics is a double-edged sword. Sure you can randomly get some cool weapon effect. But, what if you want a particular hat for your dwarf? Do you have to wait for RNGJesus to give it to you? This way if you really want it you buy it using in-game currency or for those really shiny ones you use real money. That way everyone’s happy! I’m sure that all Vermintide 2 players are satisfied with this in-game shop.

Vermintide 2 in-game shop
Image source: Fatshark

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