WARHAMMER II – The Shadow & The Blade DLC Adds Malus Darkblade And Deathmaster Snikch

Total War: Warhammer II – The Shadow & The Blade DLC introduces Malus Darkblade And Deathmaster Snikch, two incredibly exciting new Legendary Lords.

Malus Darkblade from The Shadow & The Blade
Image credit: SEGA

Another excellent Total War: Warhammer II DLC

Total War: Warhammer II is an exceptional game, both as a strategy and as a fantasy Warhammer title. It got a load of awesome DLCs since it got released, and another new one is here. The Shadow & The Blade is here, together with a new Dark Elf and a new Skaven Legendary Lord. This DLC includes:

  • Two new Legendary Lords, Malus Darkblade and Deathmaster Snikch (both come with their own unique playstyle, mechanics, objectives, and units)
  • Brand new Regiments of Renown to use to crush your enemies
  • All kinds of new Dark Elf and Skaven units to dominate the battlefield with

Malus Darkblade, a Dark Elf possessed by a Daemon

Malus Darkblade is one of the most iconic Dark Elves in the fantasy Warhammer universe. Why? Well, because a Daemon resides within him. Tz’arkan, the Drinker of Worlds wants to take over the body of Malus. But, thanks to a special elixir, Darkblade manages to remain in control. A new mission system exclusive to this Legendary Lord has him fight the whispers of the sadistic Daemon at all ties. But, succumb to his suggestions and earn powerful rewards. Malus Darkblade is accompanied by these unique units:

  • High Beastmaster (Lord)
  • Master (Hero)
  • Scourgerunner Chariot
  • Bloodwrack Medusa
  • Bloodwrack Shrine
  • The Siren of Red Ruin (Regiment of Renown)
  • Ravagers of Rakarth (Regiment of Renown)
  • The Crows of Khaine Regiment of Renown)
Bloodwrack Medusa unit from The Shadow & The Blade
Image credit: SEGA

Deathmaster Snikch, a genius assassin and subterfuge master

Then we have Deathmaster Snikch. This guy is like an elite ninja Skaven that is especially good with deception and assassination and things like that. Together with his loyal operatives, they are a notorious faction that many fear. By using their unique mechanic, Shadowy Dealings, any Eshin character can perform sinister actions against their opponents with a 100% success rate. Steal money, spy, start rebellions and perform devastating assassinations. Then we have the Greater Clan Contracts. When a Greater Clan offers you a job, you do it and get a lot of money, food, and an increased reputation with that clan. If someone has a dirty job to do, they hire Snikch to do it. These guys are basically deadly ninja saboteurs which are extraordinarily good at backstabbing and messing up your plans. Deathmaster Snikch comes with the following units:

  • Master Assassin (Lord)
  • Eshin Sorcerer (Hero)
  • Eshin Triads
  • Poisoned-Wind Mortar
  • Warp-Grinder Weapon Teams
  • The Avalanche Mortar (Regiment of Renown)
  • Viskrin’s Death Squad (Regiment of Renown)
  • Ishka’s Triads (Regiment of Renown)
Battle of the new units from The Shadow & The Blade
Image credit: SEGA

Any Total War: Warhammer II player will most definitely buy The Shadow & The Blade DLC that adds Malus Darkblade and Deathmaster Snikch, as they both feature incredibly complex and fun new gameplay mechanics and units. Anyone that hasn’t tried this grand RTS yet can buy a Total War: Warhammer II PC gamey key on HRK Game right now for an immensely discounted price!

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