Warzone Comes Close To Half A Million Banned Cheaters

Raven Software works hard to keep Warzone clean as the number of banned cheaters comes close to half a million.

Warzone cheaters
Image credit: Infinity Ward, Raven Software

Cheaters and hackers are plentiful in today’s multiplayer games

People need a place to let off some steam. For some, that place is a battlefield filled with guns, explosions, and other players. While most gamers hone their skills through hard work and practice to dominate their opponents, others look for an easier solution. That’s why cheating is always a problem in multiplayer games.

Cheaters and hackers obtain unfair advantages and then ruin the game for everyone. They’re the only ones enjoying their powertrip. But, devs today don’t take this offense lightly. Raven Software, for example, does a lot to keep these people off their game. Warzone has constantly:

  • Gotten weekly backend security updates
  • Improved its in-game reporting system
  • Introduced the 2-factor authentication system that got 180,000 suspect accounts invalidated

They shut down many unauthorized third-party software providers. Not only that, Raven Softworks constantly work on their internal anti-cheat software, communicate with players regarding their progress in the fight against cheats, and consistently ban any cheater or hacker.

475, 000 bans were issued so far

Raven Software isn’t playing around. A recent tweet shows the number of banned accounts thus far is close to half a million. Hackers and cheaters look for vulnerabilities 24/7, so it’s nice to see the devs working tirelessly to battle them. Aimbots, leaderboard hacks, wallhacks, trainers, there’s a bunch of ways to manipulate game data.

The problem comes in the form of special cases. Someone loses an account to hacking. Their account gets banned even though the original owner didn’t do anything wrong. This is just one of many of these cases in the replies. Innocent Warzone players receive a  shadowban in this war against cheaters.  But who helps them in the end?

Warzone cheaters
Image credit: Infinity Ward, Raven Software

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