Warzone Is Getting a New Anti-Cheat System This Year

Activision has some major plans for Warzone and its continuous cheating problems with its brand new anti-cheat system that’s coming this year.

Warzone new anti-cheat
Image credit: Activision

If you check most of the latest articles on Warzone, it’s mostly me talking about how the devs keep banning a ton of players. And since the cycle doesn’t seem to stop, it appears those pesky cheaters keep finding ways of coming back. But no more endless battles against the cheaters (we hope), Activision has a brand new tactic coming up.

With the reveal of Call of Duty: Vanguard, we also got the news that Warzone is getting a brand new anti-cheat system this year. We don’t know when it’s coming, whether it is made by the devs or some third-party dev, and how it will be more effective than the system currently at play.

Once Warzone gets its new map together with this new anti-cheat system, I’m sure a lot more players will return to the game. Since its numbers have been dwindling these past couple of months. Totally understandable since cheaters and hackers can be found quite often in most matches. Hopefully their new anti-cheat system manages to prove more useful than the current one.

Warzone new anti-cheat
Image credit: Activision

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  1. Grooza says

    I remember in one of the CoD (don’t I make a mistake?) games cheaters were moved to cheater game lobbies. There were many vids on youtube of cheater battles. Quite interesting to watch btw

  2. Rick Flint says

    Actually, I like the idea of cheater lobbies in games. Sometimes it’s hella fun to see whose code will surpass. I, for one, play Destiny 2 and their anti-cheat is poor. I used to have some programmes from https://cobracheats.com/destiny-2-hacks-cheats-aimbot-esp/ but it got a bit boring. Another story would be if I could test these on other players who have such programmes.

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