Warzone Makes All The Cheaters Play Together

Call of Duty: Warzone is making a change that makes all the disgusting cheaters play together so they don’t bother the normal players.

Warzone cheaters
Image credit: Activision

Cheaters are jerks. That is something that has been a known fact forever. Activision knows this, so they introduced a strange feature. Matchmaking will now match suspects cheaters with each other. Basically, if there’s suspicions that you’re using cheats in Warzone you get matched with people that are also suspected to be cheaters. An interesting thing to be sure. We know that Activision is actively battling these people. But, fighting against hacking and cheating in competitive multiplayer games is harder than you might think.

A hardwire ban or an IP ban might be a better solution. However, this is still a hilarious semi-solution. Because now hackers can make each other lives miserable. That way people that are playing a fair game can enjoy themselves. After all, these shooters are all about fast thinking and even faster reflexes. If you want to be the king of the jungle you improve your skills. You don’t use aimbot. But people that want to win without having to try hard will always exist.

Warzone cheaters
Image credit: Activision

If you’re looking for a battle royale of this kind, there’s only one game on the market that rival Warzone. That’s PUBG, which is available on HRK Game for a great price right now!

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    Let’s go to battle, soldiers we become what we behold.

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