Watch Dogs: Legion Getting Multiplayer Mode Really Soon

We will finally be able to take on London with our friends as the Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer mode arrives sooner than you think.

Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer
Image credit: Ubisoft

The multiplayer mood arrives soon

Watch Dogs: Legion planned the multiplayer mode for December of 2020. Yet, as it is with every game these days, the mode was delayed. Devs needed more time to iron out all the pesky bugs of this open-world “be anyone” hacker action game.

But, Ubisoft took to Twitter to announce the arrival of the multiplayer mode on March 8th. Standard co-op missions, difficult 4-player tactical ops, and the Spiderbot arena. For a game where you can hack cars, drones, and everything in between, the co-op mode is the most fun you can have. No matter how much you played Watch Dogs: Legion as a single-player title, it’s an amazing experience when you play with more people.

Three ways of multiplayer fun

As I said, co-op is fun. Not too difficult, but it’s going to provide you and your friends with a lot of entertaining gameplay sessions. For those that want a challenge, there are the tactical ops. Long, exhausting, and intense missions where team coordination is a must. Missions are split into five parts, the enemies are incredibly powerful, and you have multiple objectives to complete.

These won’t be fun if you’re not talking with your teammates on the mic. Everyone needs to be in sync and on their toes. Working as a team is a requirement for you to complete all the objectives with so many lethal threats all around you.

You also have the Spiderbot arena. Everyone gets one, and then you shoot each other to pieces while picking up powerups. Not much substance there.

Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer
Image credit: Ubisoft

What do you think, is the multiplayer mode everything you expected? Those wishing to play Watch Dogs: Legion can get it and the Season Pass for an amazing price on HRK Game!

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