Watch Dogs Legion Has Been Announced

After a lot of leaks, Ubisoft has decided to officially reveal Watch Dogs Legion, the third game in the open-world hacking series.

Watch Dogs

A lot of leaks regarding the third Watch Dogs game spread around like flames. It’s set in London, it’s going to be in the near future, it will let us play as any NPC, etc. Which of these are actually true now that the game has been revealed by Ubisoft themselves? No one knows actually, as no information was given, regarding the game and what it’s about. Still, the “God Save the NPCs” caption could mean a lot. Maybe it even confirmed that the game will be set in Great Britain and we will be able to control NPCs or something like that.

But, these are purely speculations at this moment. E3 is almost here, and that’s when Watch Dogs Legion makes its debut on the grand stage. Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2 were experimental open-world games that never really took full advantage of all the unique mechanics they offered. Perhaps Ubisoft did a better job with the third game.

Watch Dogs 2

Only a couple of more days until the big event. Quite a lot of titles have popped up right before E3 even started. But, you can never get excited enough when it comes to all these big new releases. Now let’s just add Watch Dogs Legion to our list and let’s wait for some juicy gameplay together!

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