Watch Dogs: Legion Introduces Legion of the Dead

Watch Dogs: Legion unleashes a savage horde of zombies that will ravage London if you can’t stop them in Legion of the Dead.

Watch Dogs: Legion didn’t get new content as fast as Ubisoft wants. Yet, the latest entry in the open-world action hacker simulator still has quite a lot to do. Especially if you play with a couple of mates. Hacking everything with friends and family is always a fun activity.

On one hand, of all the cliche stuff they could have added, zombies are probably the safest bet. Since having the freedom to tear up the undead in an action game with RPG elements like Watch Dogs: Legion in any way we like is quite fun. On the other hand, the IGN footage seen above looks insanely plain and dull.

I mean, what’s the point of zombies if there’s no tension? Granted, Legion of the Dead is still in alpha. There’s still a lot of time to change things up, but this isn’t looking promising. Everyone is now wondering why didn’t The Division 2 get a zombie mode?

Anyone that owns a PC copy of Legion can pick up the game mode today. It’s available via the Ubisoft Connect launcher. Will you be trying the zombie mode or not? Let me know in the comments section down below!

Legion of the Dead
Image credit: Ubisoft

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