Watch Dogs Legion Review – A Refreshing Watch Dogs Experience

The Watch Dogs Legion PC review is here, and we will go over the game’s interesting party system, immersive open-world, bland story, and more.

But first, we will answer the most commonly asked questions about Watch Dogs Legion on PC together!

What is Watch Dogs: Legion about?

Watch Dogs: Legion is the 3rd installment in the Watch Dogs franchise, and this entry follows DedSec, a hacker syndicate that operates in a dystopian version of London.

Who made Watch Dogs: Legion?

Ubisoft Toronto made Watch Dogs: Legion, and Ubisoft published the game.

Who is the main character in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Watch Dogs: Legion has no primary main character.

When is Watch Dogs: Legion Online coming out?

Watch Dogs: Legion Online came out on March 9, 2021.

How long is Watch Dogs: Legion?

You can beat the main story of Watch Dogs: Legion in 16-20 hours. Players must sink anywhere from 50 to 80 hours to fully complete the game and its side content.

What do I get from the Watch Dogs: Legion Ultimate Edition?

When you buy Watch Dogs: Legion Ultimate Edition, you get the following:

  • Additional digital content
  • The Season Pass (includes one major expansion with two episodes, an extra mission, four new heroes, an epic Dedsec cars skin, and the original Watch Dogs Complete Edition!)
  •  Four-week VIP status

Where can I buy Watch Dogs: Legion?

You can buy Watch Dogs: Legion via the Ubisoft Store, the Epic Games Store, and HRK Game.

Watch Dogs Legion review
Image credit: Ubisoft Toronto

Watch Dogs Legion and its inventive party system

In Watch Dogs Legion, the hacking group DedSec is framed for bombs in London, and its members are dead, missing, or jailed. Albion, an oppressive private military organization, runs London. A violent mob lord runs drug, weapon, and human trafficking operations throughout the city. Government intelligence and a billionaire tech mogul are also involved.

At the start of this playthrough for the Watch Dogs Legion review, I progressively started constructing a new DedSec group from scratch.

You’re going to spend a lot of time looking for the ideal crew

Looking for new hires in London is time-consuming. Passing by citizens or looking at them through security cameras provides me a glance at both their excellent and undesirable qualities. An elderly mechanic may wield a big wrench yet have little mobility and damage resistance.

Watch Dogs Legion review
Image credit: Ubisoft Toronto

A medic’s clothing and dart gun help infiltrate hospitals, but they may be obsessive gamblers who lose DedSec’s hard-earned money. A beekeeper I met can send cyber bee swarms to assault targets but has incurable hitches that can alert guards. Every walk across the city adds someone fresh to your shopping list, whether they’re helpful, like a hacker or combat specialist, or a novelty, like a person who farts incessantly or someone who may die suddenly.

Each citizen has their bio. Maybe it will help you recruit someone, maybe not. It depends on how much time you want to spend on recruiting. All of it is flavor to add to the worldbuilding, and it is a nice touch that immerses you in the game.

Each person has their own interactions and routine

Every citizen has a routine and interactions with other residents. Even hostile guards do not work around the clock. They leave their stations and stroll around in civilian clothes, a wonderful realistic touch and an opportunity to securely exact retribution on them when they aren’t in tightly restricted locations. I discovered a contact labeled as her “Sugar Baby” when scanning an affluent middle-aged government agent, and sure enough, there she was, in a pub with her partner having a drink. I’m going in-depth on these situations as I want this Watch Dogs Legion review to cover one of the game’s most impressive systems, so bear with me.

Watch Dogs Legion review
Image credit: Ubisoft Toronto

You’ll occasionally run into someone you’ve met before or someone who knows someone you’ve met before: a relative, their lover, their doctor. If you assist their acquaintance, they will be aware of it and have a favorable opinion of you, making it simpler to recruit. If you’ve beaten up their friend, they’ll find out and despise you. Legion builds an intriguing network of connections based on your activities, giving the impression that London is populated with people rather than randomly generated automatons.

Immersive open world

Watch Dogs: Legion makes London into an intriguing place. It’s packed with actual characters, historical buildings, and probably many places to drink tea.

The game’s open-world goes hand-in-hand with its mission system. Infiltrate into buildings, overtake their cameras, mark all the guards, and activate all the traps. Almost all missions in Watch Dogs: Legion can be approached in several ways. You can use a spider bot to sneak inside a building and deactivate the security protocols. Then have your guys slowly take out all the security guards.

If I don’t want to be as discreet as possible, as is typically the case, I can take a shortcut. How? By airlifting my guy to the roof with a cargo drone to get as close to my target as possible. Or I can use melee combat and weaponry to force my way in.

Watch Dogs Legion review
Image credit: Ubisoft Toronto

Systematic and tactical stealth operations feel great to complete

Like in previous Watch Dogs games, it feels best to clear an entire building of dangers remotely and flee with stolen data while standing securely outside the curb. It’s also frantic fun when something goes wrong, the sirens sound, the guards are alerted, and you have to fight your way out in a significant chaotic battle.

The strength of not having a predetermined hero

The best part about playing multiple characters is that it liberates me in ways that a single protagonist never could. For example, in Watch Dogs 2, it was always strange to kill someone while playing Marcus Holloway, and it looked weird for the sweet protagonist even to hold a pistol. Holloway was such a nice guy that even accidentally killing someone seems out of character, let alone going on a blood-soaked spree.

I wasn’t the only one dizzy after you spend one-minute driving through people to get away from an almost fatal shootout, and the next is spent having a calm and charming conversation in a cutscene. But that problem isn’t in Watch Dogs: Legion, as you always have one guy or girl be the psychopath, hopefully, a character with efficient combat abilities. Or you can be like me and make an old granny an unhinged and violent murderer. It’s a lot of fun, and you should also try that. 

The drones

Another helpful tool is the drones; the game is full of them. Enemies use them; you can hack them and then turn them against their former owners. You can even use them as mobility platforms that take your guys from one place to another. Once you find a person that’s a drone expert, your combat capabilities increase tenfold. When someone can disable a drone, take over a second one, and hack the third one to fight for you on autopilot, you can imagine how that turns the tide of a battle. 

Watch Dogs Legion has one glaring flaw, and that’s the story

While this Watch Dogs Legion review points out that the game excels at all those above, its story, on the other hand, is far from perfect. You’re spoonfed the narrative by Bagley. He’s DedSec’s AI that briefs you before, during, and after any mission. He’s not as annoying as ClapTrap, but you won’t be happy whenever Bagley decides to talk to you.

Watch Dogs Legion review
Image credit: Ubisoft Toronto

The story is also quite bland and generic, and the game doesn’t even let you make meaningful choices. You’re just going around, completing objectives, and following Bagley’s instructions.

Watch Dogs: Legion makes you deal with a lot of political themes. The wealthy abusing the poor, police brutality, corruption, all of that good stuff. But the comical villains and the lack of development ultimately hinder any natural substance the game could have had in its story.


As we’re at the end of this Watch Dogs Legion review, it’s safe to say that the game is a lot of fun if you’re looking to mess around in a vast open world filled with characters that can potentially be a part of your crew. The story and the themes explored throughout the story are uninspired and boring, but turning drones against their former owners never gets old.

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