We May Get Resident Evil 8 In 2021

According to some leaks we’re getting Resident Evil 8 in 2021 and it’s going to stray away from the Resident Evil formula by quite a lot.

Resident Evil 8 2021
Resident Evil 7
Image credit: Capcom

Dusk Golem is usually spot on with his leaks and rumors. The Resident Evil 3 Remake was also leaked by him way before it was officially announced by Capcom. Now we have another strange leak. Resident Evil 8 in 2021? And it’s going to be about occultism, paranoia, hallucinations, and insanity? It doesn’t sound like a Resident Evil title at all. Yet, it seems the testers liked the game very much even though it strayed away from the typical RE formula. Are they finally going to reinvigorate the franchise and go in a new direction? I mean they’ve been doing quite well with the last three games. But maybe now’s the time for new themes, characters, and stories.

But, it seems like it’s time for a change. All the major gaming events of 2020 have been canceled as we all know. The coronavirus is to blame. Because of that, we may not get any official announcements regarding this new Resident Evil game. Yet, if the release date is 2021, Capcom is definitely going to come out with an official announcement sooner or later.

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