Weird West Is An ARPG With Cowboys And Cultists

Weird West is an ARPG that’s definitely exploring an interesting setting, the wild west that has cowboys but also cultists and werewolves.

Cowboys robbing a bank
Image credit: Devolver Digital

This is definitely one of the titles that caught my attention as soon as I saw it. Weird West, an ARPG that has cowboys, cultists, werewolves, strange entities, and a pretty grim atmosphere. The Wild West is an interesting setting already. Add in ancient beings and human sacrifices and you got me hooked. A plus is that this title is being made by the co-creators of Dishonored and Prey. Therefore, I also expect a stellar story and some memorable characters as well.

You can check out the game’s reveal trailer here and here’s its Steam page as well.

A werewolf running through a road full of blood and corpses
Image credit: Devolver Digital

Weird West is described as an “immersive sim”. So, the actions that we make will affect our story. This supernatural world is also going to react to the choices we make. Sounds awesome, especially since we can be a werewolf. My plan already involves massacring anyone that I can with my sharp claws. What other video game out there lets you take on cowboys and cultists as a werewolf? That premise alone is enough to grab your attention quite competently.

There’s no release date available at the moment, but I’ll keep you updated if more information arises.

The inventory screen showing the player's items
Image credit: Devolver Digital

A game with similarly wicked and eerie settings is Grim Dawn, another excellent ARPG with a terrifying world and otherworldly entities that wish to devour humans, which you can pick up on HRK Game right now for a great price!

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