We’re Getting A Destroy All Humans! Remake

Out of all the possible remakes, we’ve never expected an announcement that a Destroy All Humans! remake is coming.

You know you’re witnessing greatness when you see a trailer which shows a grey alien hypnotizing the human race while listening to Rammstein. Where else could you find something so insane yet so amazing? Well, whoever made the trailer for the Destroy All Humans! remake is an actual genius. That being said, if you didn’t play the original, you should. Find a way and just play that game. One of the most amusing things in the world is messing around with humans in Destroy All Humans!. They are like toys to the alien you’re playing as and his advanced gadgets.

Seems like the remake will also let us be a cynical and conniving sadist, at least judging from the trailer. Abduct ordinary citizens, drop cows on their heads, fry their very bones, and steal their DNA in order for your race to survive. It’s all brilliantly random and entertaining, and the hype just increased with this trailer. Who knew aliens liked German metal bands?

Seems like Nordic THQ knew exactly which games from our past deserve remakes.  Who would ever guess that we would play as Crypto once again and terrorize the human race? Definitely a title to look out for, and if it succeeds financially it might mean that THQ Nordic pull out some more tricks out there sleeves and remake more cult classics! This and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare both got excellent reception just from the trailers. Who knows what’s in store for us in the future?

What are your thoughts on this announcement and that spectacular trailer?

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