We’re Getting A Dragon Ball Z ARPG

It seems that a Dragon Ball Z ARPG is entering its development phase in 2019, and Dragon Ball FighterZ is getting a new character.

Dragon Ball Z ARPG

It seems that after the incredible success of Dragon Ball FighterZ, Bandai Namco thought that it was time for a Dragon Ball Z ARPG. Are you excited? You should be, as we don’t think we ever got a Dragon Ball game that was an action RPG. This could mean many things, but most of all we are so excited to know that another game set in this awesome universe is on its way.

The tweet that announced the Dragon Ball ARPG called this new title: Dragon Ball Game – Project Z, which is probably a name that will change in the future. What do you think, in which direction will they take an action RPG set in this universe?

Dragon Ball ARPG

But, that’s not all! That tweet also announced that Dragon Ball FighterZ is getting a new character! Who is he? They said that it was a Warrior from Universe 11, so judging by who the strongest and most popular guy is from that universe, we’re definitely getting Jiren, the mortal that was more powerful than the gods. You know, that big hulking grey dude that didn’t speak much in Dragon Ball Super. He was also the reason Goku managed to fully unlock Ultra Instinct, as he was insanely strong.

After this, and the new Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, it seems that Dragon Ball fans are going to love this year!

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