We’re Getting An Live-Action Anthem Short

It looks like Neill Blomkamp isn’t making an Anthem movie, but he is making a live-action short.


So we talked about Neill Blomkamp and his involvement with Anthem yesterday. A lot of speculation was thrown around by the fans. Some thought we would get a movie, others thought we would get a live-action trailer. It seems like the truth is somewhere in the middle, as we’re getting a live-action Anthem short. Guess that’s the best of both worlds in a way, but the fans still want to get a movie directed by this guy, which is a pretty good idea all things considered.

As far as this live-action short goes, little to no information was given to us by the teaser, other than the fact that it’s going to be gorgeous and that it is arriving on February 14th. But, this is Neill Blomkamp, what else was anyone expecting?


Neill Blomkamp is a master of making computer-generated visuals seem like they are real. Basically, he can make some pretty outstanding stuff on his computer and you look at it and go “Woah this looks pretty real man”, so naturally BioWare wanted him to make the live-action short for their upcoming co-op open world action RPG where you have Iron Man suits.

How excited are you for this? Everyone should be to be honest, since his work on Elysium and Chappie was outstanding, as far as the visuals go. The narrative of these movies was pretty bland, but that’s not the point here. This live-action short doesn’t need to tell a story, as Anthem also isn’t focusong on that, instead it should just deliver visuals of outstanding quality.

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