We’re Getting Single-Player Games Set In The League of Legends Universe

Riot Forge, a new subdivision of Riot Games will now work with developers to make single-player games set in the League of Legends universe.


Image credit: Riot Forge

To no one’s surprise, Riot Games announced a subdivision called Riot Forge, which has the goal of working with third-party studios in order to create some single-player games. This was to be expected. After all, Riot announced an ARPG, a shooter, a card game, a management simulator, and a shooter. They are expanding the League of Legends universe, obviously, and now there’s a whole publishing division whose whole purpose is making new titles set in the beloved Runeterra universe. It’s not anything unusual. This universe is pretty well-known by now, and it’s quite colorful. Featuring a vast array of characters, ranging from space dragons, shadowy assassins, pirates, war-thirsty demons, and so on.

The characters and the setting have outstanding potential. But, the question is, which kinds of titles are we going to see?

Well, it seems like we’re about to find out during The Game Awards show. That’s next week, so thankfully we don’t have to wait for much longer. I’m quite excited about this, as with their funds, Riot can pay a lot of money to a third-party studio (hopefully a skilled and competent one), so if they choose the developer correctly, we could see some of League of Legend’s vibrant world in a completely new and interesting light.


Image credit: Riot Forge

What do you think of the upcoming announcement? Which kind of title will we see? Let me know your opinions and speculations in the comments below! Also if you’re looking to buy a new skin, you can get a League of Legends 10 Euro gift card on HRK Game right now!

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