What New Changes Are Coming To Destiny 2 With Patch 1.2.0.

The last time we talked about Destiny 2 was when the “Go Fast” update hit the servers. The update changed abilities, the weapons, and just made the game overall much more hectic, fast, and intense. But, now we are going to talk about the things that are yet to come to Destiny 2. Exotic Weapons will be the spotlight in the next patch, and the focus will be on the two Exotic Weapons that aren’t exactly as popular as they could be, and those are Sturm and Drang.

These two weapons have a really unique interaction. You see, every kill with one weapon will reload the other, and as you continue to kill with Drang it overloads rounds into the other weapons, Strum, which gets capped out at 20 rounds. The idea is that you run around swapping between these two weapons all the time and constantly firing at everything that moves. But, the gameplay of these guns just isn’t as satisfying as it could be, so Bungie is fixing that. Both Sturm and Drang will get their base stats improved, Drang will possess Rampage and a maxed out magazine which will allow players to quickly eliminate enemies, which will help Sturm a lot as overflow rounds will be dealing a lot more damage as these rounds will have a 1.8x damage boost.

Will these changes be enough to make Sturm and Drang exciting Exotic Weapons? Get the game and see for yourself!



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