What’s Coming Next To Grim Dawn?

Forgotten Gods came recently with a lot of content, but what’s on the horizon for the dark world of Grim Dawn?

Grim Dawn

Now that Forgotten Gods brought all of its new features to the game, it’s time for some tuning. The first thing that’s getting tweaked is the Shattered Realm mode. The health scaling at Shards 1-60 is getting changed to make the whole experience a bit more gradual. The difficulty at the start will be lowered, and it will slowly increase over time as it reaches the hardest levels. Devs are also doing the same thing to the loot curve so that you get more awesome things while you’re mowing down enemies.

Boss categories are getting redefined and a new one is getting added. Some of tougher bastards won’t show up early anymore, so your chances of survival should be much higher. Those that manage to take on the most difficult of Shards don’t have to worry about coming across multiple bosses of the same type like double Grava’Thul dispels anymore.

Grim Dawn

One other upcoming change isn’t tied to the new expansion at all. Instead, teh devs are updating some of the oldest sets from Grim Dawn and making them, well, more up-to-date. In other news, Riggs is the guy that’s going to send us on our 5th Roguelike dungeon. That means more insanely strong bosses, more awesome loot, and a new Death Room formula. A lot of content is on its way, including new armor and weapon sets that are yet to be announced!

Grim Dawn

Once the Grim Dawn team has more information in store for us, we’re going to deliver it to you as soon as possible, so stay tuned!

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