Why Atlas Failed Right Away

Always be wary when a title comes out of nowhere and promises a lot of things like Atlas, as having an idea and turning it into reality isn’t quite the same.


So this title pops out of nowhere and people get really excited about it. A survival game with sailing, building, dungeons, monsters, PvP, PvE, basically everything you ever wanted in a video game. And yet, no one thought that it was all too good to be true? Well, there were people that thought that this was going to be one big failure. After all, this was supposed to be an expansion for ARK, but it turned into a standalone title in a very short period of time.


Atlas is a gem in the rough, but that’s the problem. It’s okay to be a diamond in the rough, but when you completely mislead people with your trailer, you set yourself up for failure. The UI is clunky, a lot of systems in the game are too punishing, bugs can be found all over the place, and the lag is unbearable. Doesn’t quite sound like the game we saw in the trailer, does it?

This is exactly why Atlas failed right away. The developers promised something that no one actually experienced in the game. A stunning and gripping pirate MMO filled with stuff to do. In reality, it’s a buggy title that you should avoid for at least a year or so because it is literally unplayable 70% of the time.


This kind of thing happens a lot these days. Developers prepare a trailer which basically shows what the game will look like when it’s finished. Unfortunately, the Early Access version that we get to play is 1% of that which was shown in the trailer.

Atlas could turn out to be something amazing, but we are a few years away from seeing that.

  1. Zomby says

    No, thats what you dont do. I remember when ark was first released. Players stuck with it becuase it had and has the potential. If you leave you don’t believe and in a year it wont get better. Arks community made it what it is and the devs listened all the time. If you never played ark then you shouldnt be allowed to write any review about atlas. It was the same thing and it turned into something awesome. Early access is always an awesome thing so support and play so we can find the bugs. I remember when they changed the wording from beta to early. Find them and give the devs positive reinforcement instead of talking trash about a game and devs you haven’t watch grow and improve over the years.

    1. Dante says

      Yes, let us support false advertising/marketing and selling completely broken “games” to people, that is an excellent idea!

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