Why Was The Artifact Open Beta Delayed?

Delays seem to be a trend these days, as even the open beta of Valve’s upcoming card game Artifact got delayed all of a sudden.


Image source: u/nachtandnebel

Do you ever believe a developer when they announce a beta or an open beta for their game? Do you even believe them when they announce a release date for the full product? By believe we mean do you trust that they’re going to release it when they say they do? We don’t know what to believe anymore, as this is another time when some developer delayed something right before it was supposed to release. Valve announced that Artifact, their highly competitive card game would enter open beta in late October. But, this Reddit thread claims otherwise.


Other people in that thread have also shown their screenshots of the same email. Valve hasn’t officially responded or said anything about this. One would think they would give a public announcement or something. Alas, nothing of that sort happened, but at least we know this is true. Why did they delay the game? No one knows, but since a lot of people said Artifact was going to be the next Hearthstone, maybe Valve felt some pressure and wanted to polish the game as much as possible before releasing the open beta.


Fans are pissed off, and rightfully so. Everyone wanted to see this complex new card game that would change everything for the card game genre. But, it seems like we have a bit more to see it. November 19th it is then. Let another round of waiting begin.


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