Will Borderlands 3 Get Cross-Play In The Future?

When asked, 2K and Gearbox didn’t give a straight answer, which means that cross-play could be a possibilty in the future.

Borderlands 3

The people over at GameSpot asked 2K Games if this was something that could happen, and their response was quite interesting. Why? Because they didn’t just straightout say “No”, isntead they said that they were looking into it. These days this doesn’t mean anything as publishers and developers are lying to their fans all the time. Still, Borderlands 3 is definitely going to be one hell of a looter shooter, and having a cross-play option would be a enormeous plus.

One of your friends may own an Xbox One or an PlayStation 4, and you’re playing on your PC. Now, if Borderlands 2 was in question, both of you would have to play alone. But, if Borderlands 3 gets cross-play, everyone can play with each other, no matter what gaming system they’re using.

Borderlands 3

This feature isn’t in the game right now, but cross-play is something that can be added later as an update or something like that. With all the riots that are happening right now because of the Epic Store exclusivity, this could be a way for Gearbox to redeem themselves. After all, why wouldn’t we get cross-play so that all gamers can enjoy shooting bandits and picking up sweet loot, no matter if we’re using a console or a PC.

But, the best thing to do right now is wait. After all, we still have some time left before the game releases on the Epic Store, and 6 months after that we’re getting it on Steam. Once the title is available on all platforms and everyone gets to try it, then we can start asking for things like cross-play to be implemented.

Borderlands 3

What are your thoughts on this? Would you like to see cross-play implemented in Borderlands 3 sometime in the future?

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