Will Devil May Cry 5 Arrive At PSX?

We are just days away from the arrival of PlayStation Experience 2017, and it’s already clear that Sony wants to make this one experience that fans will never forget. Tons of upcoming games will be there, including much of their 2018 lineup, and a few ones for 2019 possibly as well. But, as is the case with any major event, there are some questions as to what surprises will be waiting for everyone at the event. One of the biggest prevailing rumors is that Devil May Cry 5 will be announced.

This isn’t a random hope either, there was a massive “leak” on Resetera last week that seemed to reveal just how far into development this game is, and that it would be shown at PlayStation Experience. But still, the question remains, will it?

Well, it is entirely possible, it just depends on whether Sony and Capcom (who developed the game along with Ninja Theory) think it’s time to bring the franchise back. For if you recall, it’s been almost 5 years since the release of Devil May Cry 4.


That game was somewhat divisive, for while some fans enjoyed the new character in Nero, many didn’t appreciate the taking of spotlight away from classic characters Dante and Vergil. What’s ironic is that the “leak” states that all three characters will be playable in Devil May Cry 5, which opens up the game to many possibilities.

Other things the game will potentially have is more open worlds, though it clearly states it won’t be “open world”. Also, the title will run at 60FPS, which is sure to please graphics people out there. Gameplay wise, there won’t be a stamina bar, but there will be more monsters to face than in any other Devil May Cry game before it.

So, will it happen? Will it really come? We’ll find out in a few days.

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