Will Game Of Thrones – A TellTale Series Never Get A Season 2?

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular franchises in the world right now. The book series from George R.R. Martin jumped to HBO and boomed into worldwide popularity on a massive scale. Even though the main series is set to end with its next season, there are already talks on keeping the franchise alive via prequel series. In fact, there’s apparently five in talks right now. Another way the franchise grew was through video games, although the best one may have come from TellTale Games.

The respected video game developer took the realm of Game of Thrones and put their own story into it, focusing on an established family within the realm and seeing how they would play into the larger world that is fighting for the Iron Throne. This included bringing in characters like Tyrion and Ceresi Lannister to help tie everything together. Yet, the game series has not gotten a second season.

According to the team, there are plans for a second season, it’s just “on hold”. But there might be some other reasons for making the team wait for a while. Not the least of which is because the main series will be ending soon. So, if you wait until the end, and see how it ends, you can better craft how things turn out to make sure they don’t conflict with the story. After all, the TellTale series is set within the show, after a fashion.

The other thing that could be going on here is the recent layoffs at TellTale games could make it harder for it to be worked on. As 25% of the staff was laid off recently. Finally, it could be that sales determine whether it happens.

There is hope for it, and the team says they want to make the second season. It’ll just be a while before Winter comes apparently.

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